Push Content To Your Affiliates And Sell More!

You know what your affiliates REALLY want — your awesome content!  But affiliate software makes it hard to share your content easily with tracking links.  We make it simple for you to allow affiliates to syndicate your content with tracking links.

Banner Ads and Swipe Emails – readers hate them!  We make it simple and easy for you to syndicate content affiliates love – because your content contains their tracking links so they get paid!

Today, if an affiliate wants to autoblog your content with an RSS feed, every link is not tracked or affiliate tagged — it’s the same feed for everyone.

Affiliate Content Magic takes that public, generic feed, and creates a unique, individual feed for each affiliate so they can share your content AND get paid when their readers click through!

It might seem simple — but there’s nothing else like this for affiliate publishers and marketers.  Sign up today!

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